3-0 Win vs. Bay Area Kickers

June 25th, 2003

Okay, I want to apologize for calling the ref an asshole. I mean it's a bit hypocritical since I always tell people not to talk to the ref like that, but damnit he was an asshole. Please don't follow my example though since we won't always be so lucky with the result!

Our first make-up game agains Bay Area kickers... and like last week, the action started long before the kickoff. Ref #1 chose to move the game to a bad field, "because he said so." So we were on Patrick Henry #17 instead, for those who actually have a clue what field is what...

Ref #1 was described as Bea as "senile" rather than any of the other suggestions. At least two calls were for "shouting too loudly," one unfortunately interrupting a good offensive run for us. Then there was the "ball in the puddle call." Rough. Well, we did adjust fairly well to this guy, and kept our mouths shut. Arthur was completely silent -- the New Arthur. The ref did apologize to Grant for calling him for shouting when it was really the guy on the other team.

Anyway... that was a bit distracting, but both teams were sporting about giving back the ball after ridiculous calls. We pressured well and passed well, but didn't quite convert in the first half. The first half was rather eventless, except their defender getting a yellow card when Heather tripped herself up. Solid defense from us, and great hustle from Ramsey in particular.

In the second half we didn't let the many whistles get to us as much. Grant started the half with a kickoff that beat their goalie but went about 4 feet wide. Then Grant had a nice header opportunity off Jeff's corner. Eventually Grant made a nice cross to Marie. Instead of forcing a shot, Marie controlled the ball and laid it back to Mike to put into the empty goal - very pretty goal as a result of good communication.

Pretty soon afterward, DiCarlo got a lead pass from Grant. (Mike: Actually, that was me) There may be another assist on that one(?) 1-on-1 with the goalie, DiCarlo made a nice shot to score.

The game continued with lots of decent passing. We were picking off many of their passes - nice work. Good to have Marie and Erin subbing, and Jeannette back. Nice hustle from Vasey chasing down balls from the wing, Heather making some good crosses, and Grant/Ramsey pushing the ball up gave us many scoring opportunities. Fortunately we kept them from getting any decent shots, although some close calls gave them corners, thanks to yours truly. Nice play from Clark back there, though he didn't really get to show off as much as he'd like to. (Hopefully he won't get desparate and try the shorts thing again!)

Well the game ended with a bit of tension, much like it started. Mike made a pass up the middle to Brian, who saw Grant for the lead pass. Like many, the lead pass from Brian to Grant was actually behind him. However, Grant made a nice turn and beat the defender and went in on goal. Just as Grant's beautiful shot went in the goal, Ref #1 blew the whistle to end the game. While my quick web-search for the rules on this came up fruitless, I think it is generally considered poor form for the ref to end the game at a time when a team is about to shoot. Let alone after they have taken a shot that scores.

Along with the other team's defenders, Mike seemed to agree with my opinion on this. However, Mike was a bit too close to Ref #1, so his opinion was heard. Ref #1 decided to add insult by giving Mike a red card. But Ref #2 took Mike's player card to report the incident, and then gave it back to Mike when Ref #1 wasn't looking. So there! Some justice.

Good game team.

Mike: Okay, I did go and download the official FIFA rules to try and see if I could turn up anything about blowing the whistle to end the game. Didn't really find anything. The bottom line though, is if this game was in England, the fans would have rioted and the ref would be dead right now. Oh well, can't have everything. I'd also like to point out that the ref called me an "observant", so I think he antogonised me! While he was "helping" set up our net after he made us take it down, I made a crack about how crappy the job looked. He said "What are you, an observant? Do you know how to put up a net?". I replied "Yes I do, I already put it up once today and you made us take it down!" If anyone can help me figure out what the heck an "observant is by his definition, please let me know. Oh, and I don't care what the ref says, we're counting that last goal!


  1. Mike from Grant and Marie
  2. DiCarlo from Mike (anyone else?)
  3. Grant from Brian and Mike*

* This goal technically didn't "count" in the literal sense of the word, but I'll be damned if we aren't counting it!