Women's FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

September 8th, 1-1 Tie vs. Aztecas

Great first game, everyone!. We started off strong and kept the momentum with our first goal by Marie. In the second half, we started to get tired and our lack of coordination started to show. We have a few new players on the team and we need to get familiar with one another (and learn names!). It also did not help that the refs sucked and were making calls once requested by the other team (hence the penalty kick) yet scoffing at our requests!

We had a few amazing saves by Mimi, including a penalty kick! They pushed our defense very hard and finally managed to get one in through the very top corner, just out of Mimi's reach.

Bottom line: Good start to the season and let's hope we get better refs next week.

Welcome to our new players: