Women's FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

September 15th, 5-1 Win vs. Fuerza Azteca

Great second game! We dominated from the beginning though they had some decent passing and some fast players. Lucky for us, they did not have powerful goal kicks and we were almost always first to the ball. We had some great passing from the midfield to the forwards that led to 3 goals in the first half. Unfortunately, they scored on the only shot they had all half!

On the second half, they started getting frustrated and their forwards were moving around a lot. We got a little disorganized and saw a lot of bunching inside the 18-yd. box but we held tight and prevented any more goals. Again we had some great crosses and wide passes to Marie that finished off nicely.

We kicked ass but we still need to increase communication, especially on defense, so we don't bunch up and leave open men. Awesome game, everyone.

Scoring summary:

  1. Amy from Marie and Jess
  2. Marie from Jess
  3. Gretchen from Marie and Julie
  4. Marie from Jess
  5. Marie from Mimi

Any other comments are welcome. I don't always see all the plays or remember the order of things...