Women's FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

September 22nd, 1-1 Tie vs. Aire FC

We played a tough match against Aire FC, considering the number of injuries and sicknesses and one very jet lagged goalie! Aire is a strong team, but we were able to hold them on our defense and penetrate with our offense on several ocassions. Of course we had a few mad scambles in the back by the goal. The only goal they scored trickled in due to some miscommunication, so they got very lucky. Unlike our goal, which was due to great team work and an excellent shot by Amy Torok. Way to go Hillary, Deanne, and Amy T.!

Our goal was scored in the last 7 seconds of the first half, which the female ref was very impressed by! Neither teams were able to score in the second half, and lots of confusion on their part with subbing made the old crabby ref mad. They played one man down for almost ten minutes, which allowed us to get closer to their goal. We had a few great shots, but it seemed like we were playing with the ball outside the 18 yard box instead of trying to get a shot in.

All-in-all in it was a great game in the blistering heat, we just need to work on our communication and sticking to the players we are supposed to be marking. Great job ladies! Thank you Amy C. and Deanna for playing with us!

Scoring summary:

  1. Hillary to Deanna to Amy T.

A couple special awards:

* Biggest head butt (I think they heard it on the other side of the field!): Kaarin aka. "Slick" (1st half)

* Player who might as well have been doing a 3-legged race with the player they were supposed to mark because she stuck to her like glue: Amy C. (end of 2nd half)

*Loudest cheering section: The numerous FC Brew Ha Ha fans who braved the heat to support us - thank you!