Women's FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

September 29th, 1-6 Loss vs. Stunnerz

Well, well, there's nothing like a 6-1 loss to humble a team! This is a tough game summary to write because there are many things I would like to forget about this game. However, I do want to recognize the beautiful goal courtesy of a clean down the line pass by Erin, with an amazing cross over by Jackie and a picture perfect shot on goal by Karen - you girls are super stars!

There are a couple things I would like to mention that I think we need to improve upon as a team. The first is communication on and off the field. Our subbing caused major confusion, and the other team took advantage of this. We need to make sure we let the person coming onto the field know where they should be playing, and who they should be marking. This needs to be communicated by the person subbing off, as well as the people still on the field. We also need to make sure we are subbing often.

The other important point I would like to make is that we need to be more positive while on the field. We all need to work on making sure that we are making positive comments to each other. We are trying to gel as a team which can be difficult to do without positive reinforcement.

I know we can pull together as a team and kick some major booty. Let's try to do that this Sunday, but more importantly, let's have fun while doing it!

Scoring summary:

  1. Erin to Jackie to Karen Moir