Women's FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

October 13th, 1-3 Loss vs. Aztecas

We played a tough game against a young team, but unfortunately we weren't able to dominate the entire game. They were a bit whiney, and surprisingly the ref didn't throw out a second yellow card when their tattooed player swore at him.

I was very impressed by our passing skills this game. We were communicating more which allowed us to pass directly to players instead of just kicking the ball away.

We had several opportunities to put the ball in, but their very large goalie seemed to luck out. We had several shots that missed the goal by mere inches. And in the second half, Karen kicked a picture perfect corner kick that ended up rebounding off the goal post a couple times.

We were able to put one in at the beginning of the second half. A beautiful pass by Karen to Gretchen in front of the goal that originated from our side of the field.

A very big thanks to Mimi, Katey, Lynn, and Amy C. for helping us out! And special thanks to Gion for assisting with subbing!

Let's keep up the positive reinforcement and communication and kick some booty this Sunday!

Scoring summary:

  1. Christa to Karen to Gretchen