October 12, 2003: 0-2 Loss against Femme Fatales


The Femme Fatales were back, with a full team ready to play.  We fought a good match - we were down 0-1 at the half, and determined to put more shots on goal to get something to connect.  We did have some good shots, but they were able to score once more about halfway through. 

Inge had some nice saves, and some nice boots too!  Cari deserves mention for her job at sweeper, and there were some nice shots by Amy and PJ as well.  

I'm sorry I don't remember more of the details, perhaps because of the goalie kick I blocked with my face.  If I could have only gotten my head down, there's a teeny chance I might have headed it towards the goal- I'll work on that.  :)  For those of you that weren't there last time it happened, don't make fun of me too much if the safety goggles come back out!  

Christa had an unfortunate ankle turn - hope you're feeling better!

The main things we need to work on are still communication and passing.  We're still getting used to playing with each other, and I think this will continue to improve.  Let's work on not only making sure we're open for the pass, but also calling for it and letting each other know when we're open.  (This is definitely something I'm going to work on next time!)  Also, let's be sure to spread out on offense so we don't get bunched up, even when the other team gets bunched up when we're marking.

Overall, it was a fun game, the Femme Fatales have a good attitude and are a fun team to play.  We'll have a chance against them again in 2 weeks, and I'm confident we can win against them!  



Cheers: Brad, Will and Erik