September 14, 2003: 1-0 Win against Femmes Fatales (by forfeit)


Well, this wasn't exactly the win we were hoping to start the season off with, and although we were geared up for a great match, FF showed up with only seven players, one of whom was kind of injured, and 2 of which didn't have their soccer gear with them.  (who goes to the game without their cleats???)  In union-ref fashion, our refs (who I'm pretty sure still got paid for the game) decided to grab some grub instead of sticking around to ref our scrimmage.  There were 3, then 4 members of FF who stayed to play, and we happily donated half a team for a 9-8 orange vs. non-orange match, with 30 minute halves, that April's boyfriend was kind enough to time for us.  (Thank you!)

I'm glad we had the opportunity to play together and see what we need to focus on for the beginning of the season.  One of the FF players (Christine?) was able to get by with one of those faking moves we've been learning at practice, so I think it was a good demonstration of how taking time to work on that stuff can be valuable.  I also think we need to work on our passing.  Given that we've had a rather large turnover this season, it's to be expected, but at practice this week and at our game, let's really work at looking for the open space in front of our players to make the pass, and also giving each other options in our positioning (in other words, moving around to be open) when our teammate that's square or ahead has control of the ball.

Thanks to Inge, Jersey and Tonya for all playing goalie!


Since it didn't count, I didn't really keep track, but there were some nice shots on goal (and some that finished nicely) by Tonya, April, Laura, and Becky  (I believe April scored on a pass that went right through my knees - I promise not to let that happen again! :)