September 21, 2003: 4-0 Win against Internationals 2


The most nerve-wracking part of the game was actually before it even started, when it looked like the other team only had 2 players, when we began to bargain with the refs to donate players to the other team so we could have a real game!!!  They were able to scrap together some more players, and we gave them Molly, one of our off-roster subs, although I think they did try to ask for Inge, but I explained there was no way we were giving them our goalie!  :)

It was a bit of a disorganized match, with some of their players seeming like they'd never played before, and some of them playing really well.  Lori, who played sweeper dependably all the while with a cool and nonchalant expression, managed to take the ball up and score on a beautiful shot that I think sank right over the goalie's head into the far corner.  Sonia, who did a great job of positioning, followed with a nice goal on a great pass from Tonya, who was key at center mid with great hustle and nice thoughtful passing.  Just before the end of the half, Lori scored again after a rebound from the goalie.  

Also of note in the first half was the one-minute water break that the ref called because of the hot weather and lack of subs.  I don't think I've ever seen that before, but I wasn't complaining!

In the second half, they held us pretty well, by using a really good offside trap.  Becky, who also did a great job at center forward, sunk a nice one in on a pass from Christa, who claims to have never played before, but I'm still skeptical!

Inge made some nice saves, one particular comes to mind in the second half.  April, despite giving us a chuckle with her trigger-happy acceleration, showed that she's really a force to be reckoned with, having also had some nice runs and shots.  Also, solid defense all around from Bea, Lee, Kris, and Cari! 

All around, I think we're doing well.  Some things we need to work on include a little bit better communication, and not bunching up- we need to remember to spread out and use the open space as soon as we've got control of the ball.  Our next game is against Hildago, who I think is new this year, hopefully they've got a full roster!


1.  Lori unassisted

2.  Sonia from Tonya

3.  Lori unassisted

4.  Becky from Christa