Women's FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

February 24th, 1-2 Loss vs. DV8

Our first game of a new season in a new league started out quite promising when it appeared that the other team only had 7 players. Unfortunately things took an immediate turn for the worse when that team realized they were at the wrong field, and a full complement of opponents showed up. The first half we played somewhat timidly, and were dominated by our opponents though they really failed to penetrate the defense much and didn't score. In the second half we started to play much better, but really just ran out of gas as a long winter of TV and treats reared it's ugly head! :-) They managed to score twice, and we only replied with one en route to the loss.

Even though we did not win, and were certainly outplayed for parts of the game we were not completely outclassed. We simply need to work on bringing our game up an extra notch for this league. I talked about some of these points at the game, but they are important enough to be repeated:

These are all things we are all capable of, we just need to work hard, and focus on improving our game!