Women's FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

March 3rd, 1-1 Tie vs. Aire FC

Overall we played a much better game this week than the last, but we still came out to a bit of a slow start. We played well defensively in the first half, and didn't let them have many opportunities, but we were unable to create any forward momentum. We kept trying to move the ball down the center of the field, and their defense almost all of our passes to interrupt the attack.

We came out hard in the second half, and finally started to play the way we should be able to play all the time. We started moving the balls wide down the side of the field, and I felt that we really dominated the play, and kept Aire FC pinned in their end for most of the half. They were lucky, and got a fluke goal, but we continued to press and quickly regained the momentum, with Amy finally putting one in the net to tie the game at one apiece. I was very happy with how we played in the second half, I felt that everyone worked very hard and that we deserved at least a tie, and probably a win. Our only failing point was our finishing, and we need to work on driving towards the net and getting some more shots on goal when we are deep in opposition territory.