Women's FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

March 24th, 2-2 Tie vs. Moxie

It took awhile.... but we finally managed to play our 3rd game of the season this sunday after the rain relented! We played Moxie to a 2-2 tie, though the score does not reveal that we really outplayed them for most of the game. We dominated for large parts of the time, especially in the second half when they began to be very tired having played a man short the entire game, but we were simply unable to capitalize on this advantage and put the ball in the net often enough. We really need to work on developping a killer instinct around the goal, and putting some balls in the back of the net!

Even though we did play very well at times, there are still areas where we need to improve. One of the key things we need to work on is our communication. Our defense was quite disorganized at times, and there needs to be more communication on the field to overcome this. We also need to mark players more tightly on defense. We did not mark the massive woman closely, and she was able to get two goals because of this.

Overall it was a good effort, now we just need to put a win on the board!

Scoring summary:

  1. Marie from Jessica
  2. Marie, unnassisted