Women's FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

April 28th, 3-3 Tie vs. CFC

This week's game was rather hectic at times, and we definitely had our less than stellar moments on the field, but the last part of the game, and also the end result were quite favourable, as we played to a 3-3 tie against the currently Number 1 team in our division. CFC hasn't lost yet, but we certainly gave them a run for their money. However, we could have and should have done much better. We started off completely asleep, and let them score against us about a minute into the game, even though they were short two players. We continued to have problems in the first half, failing to mark their fast forwards and letting them walk in unchallenged to our goal. Our marking on defense was very loose, and their forwards remained unguarded even deep into our own 18 yard box. They simply beat us to the ball, and played harder than us. We were much improved in especially the last 1/2 hour of the game, where we finally seemed to find some desire to win. By this time they were up to a full strength team, but we pressed hard repeatedly to tie the game up, much to their frustration. However even then we were having trouble defensively, we need to pay extremely close attention to their forwards, and not lose track of where they are at any time.

When it all comes down to it, soccer is a pretty simple game. We just have to want the ball, and want to win! In the first part of the game it didn't matter how many players they had, because they wanted to win more than we did. It took us being down a couple of goals to get into the game. We have to remember that it's a 90 minute game, and to be truly successful we are going to have to play hard for all of those 90 minutes! We have only 3 games left this season, including a rematch against this team in 2 weeks, it's time to get some wins on the board!

Scoring Summary:

  1. Karen from Lamaia
  2. Marie from Amy and Gretchen
  3. Amy from Marie and Karen