Women's FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

May 5th, 0-1 Loss vs. Aire FC

This Sunday we faced off against a weak opponent, who played two men short for the entire game. We came out strong, and played very good soccer for the first 45 minutes of the game, dominating the play (as we should in this situation), passing the ball well and keeping them pinned in their own zone. For the first half of the game the only thing we didn't do is score, and we left the half still tied 0-0

In the second half, as a team, we took it down a notch. Which was really unfortunate, because they took it up a notch. We stopped passing well, and started just kicking the ball away. We stopped supporting our players with the ball. We stopped winning the ball. We, as a team, just stopped playing hard. We had some of the people playing hard some of the time, but that is simply not enough. Soccer is a team game and as a team we did not play like we could have, or like we should have. They played around us at times as if we were the team 2 short, and they deserved to win the game.